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Working Together with New Coronavirus Rules

mom and son wearing mask

Coaches now have even more on their plate as they make sure to keep players socially distant and equipment constantly sterilized, all while trying to get everyone back into football shape – both mentally and physically.

What coaches don’t need is a parent asking them to make an exception because their player left his mask at home or to let them practice even though their temperature is a degree above the required minimum level.

Coaches have a bigger responsibility than ever before. They need to do everything they can to not only keep their players safe, which they always strive for when practice planning, but also healthy, which they often can’t control. This summer, it’s more vital than ever that they try.

As parents, we need to make sure we do our part, and that starts by not being that parent who tries to circumvent the system. After all, just like any game plan, for the coronavirus-prevention plan to work, everyone has to be on the same page.  

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