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What Youth Sports Coaches Really Want

What do youth sports coaches want? My daughter answered this question pretty clearly this past spring when she began her season of coaching varsity softball (which unfortunately was cut short by Covid).

I read her email send to all the parents and I thought it would be valuable to share with you what she told the moms and dads of her players. She established this set of Team Rules:

  1. Player to Coach Communication. Every player will learn how to communicate properly to the coach. We want to emphasize good habits by communicating proactively. If a player has an issue (late to practice, doctor appointment, prior school function, etc), she must communicate this with the coaches directly.
  2. Be ready to go at practice time. If practice starts at 4 pm, every player needs to have cleats tied by 3:50 pm.
  3. Effort and attitude: There are only two things in this world you CAN control: your effort and attitude. Setting YOUR priorities and eliminating all other distractions. Come early or stay late when necessary. Motivated by an inner desire to improve yourself. Give 100% effort and possess a positive attitude. 
  4. Be patient with your pace of progress. Be a “big picture” person. Put in the hours and be willing to overcome the obstacles on the tough days. Have the ability to never quit, because you have perspective.
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