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Volleyball: Tournament Time Questions

So I guess I am trying to talk you out of worrying about blocking. Don’t focus on that – focus on the other stuff in the list that has more of an immediate and dramatic impact on the outcome of a match.

Here at Gold Medal Squared we get a lot of these kinds of questions right before the postseason:

Hello GMS talented and amazing coaches,

Our team is going into Zone/Region Champions this week and state the following week and I need some help with my blocking!!!!! Please help!? I attended your Pepperdine clinic this last summer and another one years ago at SJSU and know how good you all are. I’ve read your book. Most of the drills I can figure out, but I really need help with our second middle blocker and with keeping our outside and right side where they need to be. Please help!?

Our Reply:

Marv likes to say this: “The best passing drills are pass, set, hit. The best hitting drills are pass, set, hit, etc.” You can probably see where I am going with this, right? 

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