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Volleyball Overhand Serving Drills for Beginners


An advanced variation of this drill would be for the coach to call out the name of a specific person for which each server must aim.

It is no secret that one of the most crucial aspects of your volleyball game is your serve. Beginners often start with an underhand serve but quickly move on to an overhand serve. An overhand serve gives players the right amount of power, aim and consistency to make the serve an integral part of a seriously competitive team. Running through serving drills regularly can improve service in players who are just learning to overhand serve.

Strength and power are valuable to a solid overhand serve. This is a drill designed to help develop those aspects, no nets or lines required. This is also a competitive drill, which may help motivate improvement. Line all players up at one end of the gym. The first player serves, simply hitting the ball as far as possible, ideally in the last feet of the court. 


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