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Tips To Keep Learning at Home



These unprecedented days have a silver lining: more time to learn, something important for coaches and players alike. Certainly, keeping the team learning and united is key in team sports, and video chats can help. I want to share other ways to ancora imparo that have worked for me over the decades.

Practice with ANY Family Member

Our sport is about pass/set/hit and serving. Anyone in your stay-in-place location can be your setter, even grandparents. If they can’t set accurately – or legally – it’s fine! Reading the randomness of their sets will make you a better and more versatile player. Your setter will likely set a meter ball (off the net like a back-row set) much sooner than a high set, so start them setting you low. They can serve at you over a rope or ribbon and you can pass into a trashcan. How often can you put into the can?

You can even play sitting volleyball in a room with a balloon or beach ball (Pro tip: remove all breakable items first) or go out on the porch).

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