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Three Ways to Make Marketing Fun, Simple, and Attainable Within a Small Budget


Paid advertising can help boost a marketing campaign and potentially reach a broader audience, however it isn’t always necessary. Be creative and try new things!

Marketing can be overwhelming because there is so much out there... but don’t let it intimidate you! A club director does not need years of experience or an infinite budget to attain your club's marketing goals. Billboards are great but aren’t in every marketing budget. Here are three ways to market your club within a small budget.

Email Distribution

One of the most common ways to communicate and advertise to your club's members and potential members is email. Work to build your audience and keep them regularly informed and up to date. Even if the recipients of your emails do not currently have children currently playing for your club, or they are not personally competing in any leagues at your club, by keeping them informed and engaged assures that they remember to refer your club to others, or they will think of your club when seeking out volleyball opportunities.

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