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Should Kids Set New Year’s Resolutions?

“Talking those over in advance as a family will be helpful — and it will help if the family can come up with strategies to get through those tough moments."

Many adults associate New Year’s resolutions with abandoned aspirations instead of positive changes. For those who struggle to stick with New Year’s resolutions, it can seem illogical to promote the habit to children. However, many experts in child development recommend parents set goals with their children every New Year. Not only does it help teach the power of creating goals and following through, it can help us stay accountable to our own resolutions as part of being a good parent role model.

The Case for Youth Resolutions

The American Academy of Pediatrics is just one big proponent of setting resolutions with kids. Their list of recommended resolutions is age specific, making suggestions such as washing hands before eating for preschoolers and reducing soda intake and standing up to bullying for high schoolers.

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