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The Shared Strategies of Coaching and Parenting

You can’t expect your players to be well-rounded, multi-faceted individuals if you aren’t leaving time for it yourself. Leading by example is a forgotten art.

Coaching is a multi-faceted job. A coach coordinates logistics, trains behaviors, teaches skills, enforces rules and best practices, determines competitive objectives, implements tactics and coordinates with other support staff. Sounds a lot like parenting.

My husband is a full-time coach and dad, and I am a full-time mom. We’ve realized that these jobs are synergistic. And we aren’t the only ones. Coaches across the country have made the parenting connection and found it to be valuable. Connecting with people in related-but-different fields and comparing practices and processes promotes individual growth. Perspective makes us better because it gets us out of the self-affirming loop that stunts development in our field. 

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