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Keys to a Successful Recruiting Program


Take the time to collaborate with your key staff and develop a statement that reflects your overall vision as a club. Vision is crucial to the future of your program.

In December 2017 at the Annual AVCA Convention, Joe Jablonski (TAV General Manager and 14 Black Head Coach) and I led a session on 'Implementing an Effective Recruiting Program'. The goal of the session was to give key insight to clubs on how to simplify the process and offer a well-executed program to recruitable athletes and families.

As a volleyball club, providing a well-executed recruiting program for athletes and families is within our wheelhouse and should be a key part of the services we offer to our clientele. The program can be adapted to a club at all levels, regardless of size and personnel. Utilizing the fundamentals of the program and adapting it into your club culture, mission and goals are the keys to it's success.

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