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How a Volleyball Club Can Continue to Serve Its Members During the Coronavirus Crisis



As schools and organizations close, we’ve encountered several JVA volleyball clubs that have acted quickly to implement a course of action. Rather than wait for practices to resume, many club directors and their staff have organized ways for their teams, coaches and families to stay connected and continue training from home.

Here are some examples:

At-Home Resources

Clubs can share resources to keep athletes engaged and busy while at home. Opportunities can include movies to watch, videos of drills or skill development, podcasts and playlists to listen to, and websites to browse. DivisionI Volleyball Club created a page on their website with a list of these resources.

Team Bonding

Social Media: Stay engaged with your players and have fun through social media. Host tiktok competitions for gear or other small prizes the athletes can redeem when back in the gym, do instagram live videos with players, virtual scavenger hunts with things you can find in a house, etc…

The Academy Volleyball Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) shared a tiktok of their 13 Red Team completing a workout using toilet paper. See below!

Host “team time” through google hangouts or any video platform you have access to. Just getting the team together to hangout and chat via video communication will keep your teams connected over the next few weeks.

Physical and Mental Skill Development

Coaches can host virtual film sessions. The Academy Volleyball Club is designating “Film Friday” where players can sign up for a one-on-one film session with a coach. Players upload their video onto YouTube and share the link in a Sign-Up Genius, where the player selects a time for the film session. The coach and player will work through a 30 minute, interactive video session to help improve the athlete’s game.

Host weekly “Ask a Coach Webinars” where coaches can address topics related to skills, mental training, goals, and more. You could even arrange a webinar for parents to ask and answer all questions they may have.

Provide athletes with at home fitness workouts. The JVA Dig It App (free download) includes 5 minute workouts designed specifically for volleyball athletes that can be done at home.


The NCAA released a new dead period through April 15th for Division I. Make sure to notify your athletes and parents of the new rule and how it will affect recruiting this season. Guide your families on what they can do to stay active in the recruiting process. Coaches and recruits can still communicate via email, phone call, text and social media.

PrepVolleyball has a Recruit of the Week questionnaire for uncommitted players looking to gain exposure, find their perfect match school and share their stories. Athletes can fill out Recruit of The Week Questionnaire and email a photo to be featured on

What has your club organized so far? Tweet us @jrvbassociation
Academy Volleyball Cleveland, DivisionI Volleyball Club and The Academy Volleyball Club are all members of the Junior Volleyball Association. To learn more about the JVA click HERE.

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