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Five Keys to Better Communication With the Refs

When was the last time you screamed at a ref and had it go well? Exactly. If you plan on arguing your case, try to follow courtroom etiquette instead of bar brawl manners.

I hate swearing. Absolutely hate it. Curse words are a lazy, reactionary way of communicating. There is usually a more creative and convincing way of getting your point across. Swearing is acceptable only when the speaker has demonstrated a profanity-free mastery of the language. And even then, only sometimes.

I feel the same way about yelling at officials and getting carded. It’s just lazy, reactionary coaching – except in the unicorn-like cases where a coach is totally in control of emotions and makes a calculated, in-the-moment decision to throw a fit for the benefit of the team. (Ahem, this has never happened!) So stop yelling at officials. Seriously. Just stop!

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