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Developing Good Setters Starts With the Legs

Hunter’s success underscores another important point: there’s always room to learn something new and improve your technique, even if you’re one of the best players in college volleyball.

Nebraska’s Kelly Hunter was already a very good setter before her senior year in 2017, but she got even better in her final collegiate season. Part of her improvement came from technique work she did with former Cornhusker assistant coach Tyler Hildebrand. And one thing they focused on heavily was how she could make better use of the ground to generate more power for her sets.

“It was entirely new perspective,” Hunter said in December, shortly after leading the Huskers to their second NCAA title in three years and being selected co-MVP of the final four. “The men use the ground really well, which means they’re getting to the ball and going straight up rather than having their momentum going forwards or backwards.

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