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The Cell Phone Policy: Why Every Coach Needs One

Why does everyone place their cell phones next to their spoon like it’s an additional piece of silverware? Few players can reign in the urge to use the phone at team meals.

Each person on the bus had received the same letter from the head coach. It said:

If you are going to travel as a guest with the university volleyball team, you will be asked to follow this very important rule. Do not use your cell phone or any of its features while on the trip unless you happen to be inside one of our cell phone zones, or on your own away from the group.”

When I saw our coach reaching menacingly toward one of our guests, I suspected that something was about to go wrong. I was right! Coach ripped the cell phone from this guy’s clutches and fired it out the window of the bus. I watched in disbelief as the cell phone clickety-clacked along the pavement. I could hear our guest mutter, “It’s just a phone.”

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