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Use Members to Message Un-Registered Players


Take advantage of SportsEngine's Members functionality to efficiently reach un-registered players.

We've all been there. We set up a new season registration and want to send periodic emails to the players who have yet to register.

There are a number of ways to do this including:

  • Use a spread sheet and email program

  • Use a previous SportsEngine registration

Both of these require you keep track of new registrations, update your tracking list, and then send the emails.

However, SportsEngine's Members (previously known as People360) tool now makes emailing un-registered players a very simple task by creating and using a Smart Group.

Here is how you too can save a ton of time reaching out to un-registered players.


For this communication method to work, there are a few requirements that must be met.

  • You have a previous player registration

  • You have a new registration with at least one entry.

The last requirement is based on how Members filters work. Members needs at least one record to set up the filters that you need. Once that first entry is in - you can setup your filters and smart group.

Using Members Filters

Start by clicking on the Filter button.

Create the First Filter

To begin, we need a list of previously registered players. In the example below I've selected by 2017 Spring Registration as the source and added two filters:

  • Field = Registration Submitted

  • Logic = Registration Submitted

It seems redundant, but these settings will pull all of the players who registered into a single group that we'll use as the basis for the smart group.

Check the Number of People
You should see the people included in this filter reduced to the number of players in your baseline registration. If the number does not look correct, you may need to contact SportsEngine support and have them make an update to update it.

Note: You may receive a warning that your registration is not part of your history. If so, you have an option to include it. It will take 15-20 minutes for the registration to be added, and then you may proceed.

Create the Second Filter

This time we'll add a second filter that will compare the previous registration to the current registration.

Click on the Add Another Condition button and choose Add.

Then select your current registration as the data source and set up your filter as follows:

  • Field = Registration Submitted

  • Logic = Registration Not Submitted

This will allow Members to compare the un-registered players from your current registration to those players who registered before.

Check the Number of People
After setting up the second filter, you should see the number of people decrease. If not, then the entries in your current registration were not registered in the previous season.

Note: You likely receive the warning that your registration is not part of your history. Simply select the choice to add it and then come back and repeat the filter setup.

Create Smart Group

The last step is creating a Smart Group that you may re-use for emailing un-registered players.

Click on the Create Smart Group button and add a name. For example: 2018 Spring Un-Registered.

Click the Save button and your smart group is created, and ready to use.

Your new Smart Group will be updated each time a player is registered in your new registration. As a result, you list will continue to be reduced so that you are only sending email messages to players who have yet to register.

Sending Emails Using the Smart Group

I've you've already used Members for email messages, you'll know how to find your smart group and send the message.

If you have not done this before, here is how you'll send your messages:

First, select Groups and Rosters and ensure that All Active Groups is the base filter.

Second, select your new smart group from the list.

Hint: you may enter the first few characters of your smart group name to shorten the list.

Once you have selected the group, you'll merely click on the Message button and compose your message!

You may also use the Edit Columns button to display more information.


If your league is like mine, sending weekly emails out to un-registered players is a standard part of the annual registration cycle.

By leveraging the power of Members this job just got a whole lot easier!