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TUPayments 102: Filter Accounts to Optimize Your Billing System

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When TeamUnify released the updated the Account/Member Admin System we not only changed the face of the system, but we reinvented how you interact with your Accounts' and Members' billing information. This includes the ability to filter your Member and Account landscape like never before.

Within the Account/Member Admin area you will see a filterable item called “Pay Method - Team Fees.” This filter allows you to see which families have saved their Credit Card in the system. Setting this filter in Customize Filters and then sorting by "Pay Method - Team Fees" allows you to see who has signed up to pay by Credit Card and, more importantly, the ones who have not. It is easy with Account/Member Admin to track and sort these accounts to make your job easier in collecting money from your families.

Once filtered, directly from within your team's Account/Member Admin you can then send the "Email Autopay Instructions" email to those without a payment type on file. We talked about this in TUPayments 101: Make Your Team Administrator Job Easier With This One Email where you can send a request to ask Accounts to enter their updated or new Credit Card/ACH payment information.

It is easier than ever to manage your team's billing with TeamUnify's Account/Member Admin system. Learn more about how to optimize your team's billing on our Admin Guide: TUPayments - Payment Processing.

If you do not yet have TUPayments turned on for your team click the button below to learn more about how electronic payment processing supercharges your team's billing.




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