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10 Tips to Improve Archery Accuracy

arrow hits the center


It seems that customers are always asking “how can I shoot better” or “how can I tighten my groups”. Sometimes it can be linked back to equipment that is improperly setup, but more times than not the cause is bad form. I have compiled a list of some basic form checks that could help you make a few tweaks to get your arrows in the middle.

Make sure your bow fits you. This sounds simple but I would hate to know the percentage of archers that are shooting bows either too heavy in poundage or too long in draw length. You want to make sure you can smoothly draw you bow back and comfortably hold it at full draw for 20-30 seconds. If you have to do the ‘sky draw’ to get it back or can only hold steady for a few seconds then you are more than likely shooting too many pounds.

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