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Tips for Visit College Campuses Virtually

NCSA Tips for Visit College Campuses Virtually

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to create challenges for the college recruiting process, student-athletes are as determined as ever to get recruited. Rather than being discouraged by these new challenges, student-athletes are adapting and findings ways to replace in-person recruiting with virtual experiences.

Below are tips for virtual campus visits that still allow student-athletes an opportunity to scope out the campus, meet and interact with the current team and have in-person one-on-one time with the coaching staff.

  1. Virtual tours in lieu of visiting in person. Nothing can fully replace the experience of physically walking around campus, but online tours allow student-athletes to virtually explore the grounds, classrooms, academic resource spaces, athletic facilities and more. We’ve compiled a list of college campuses in each state that feature virtual campus tours online. You can also find the latest COVID-19 updates and information on campus closures.
  2. Research the school’s surrounding community. Search the local area around the school on Google to get an idea of what surrounds the campus. How close is the nearest grocery store? What restaurants are nearby? What types of activities are available? It’s important for student-athletes to know that both the campus and the community meet their needs.
  3. Contact current team members. Recruits might not be able to bond with the current team during an overnight visit, but they should ask the coaching staff to put them in contact with a few members of the team. Over a phone call or video chat, student-athletes can ask team members questions about their experience and the team dynamic.
  4. Request virtual face-to-face time with the coach. College coaches are relying on digital forms of communication to regularly connect with recruits. Don’t be afraid to request some virtual face-to-face time with the coaching staff, so you have the chance to get a feel for their personality and ask important questions.

For tips on how to make a good impression via virtual conversation, visit NCSA’s blog.

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