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11 Unspoken Tennis Coaching Tips for Juniors and Beginners

Great tennis players make it look easy. Especially at the professional level things happen so fast that it’s tricky for new players to see all the components that go into good play.

Tennis is a beautiful sport. The way the top players in the game seem to glide across the court to hit the winning shot or even keep themselves in the set. All that doesn’t come about by magic though. It takes years of practice, skill mastery and dedication to reach that stage. And it all starts in the beginning with proper, well thought-out coaching. Below I have listed out 11 coaching tips to not only keep your training sessions more engaging but also so you can give your players the proper foundation to build upon. Without further ado, here they are;

#1: Focus on Fun

We play sport for a lot of reasons. But no matter what level we’re at, what usually got us started in the game was simple – we had fun. To avoid turning players off or burning them out, keep things as varied as possible.

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