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Ways To Practice Swim Skills At Home



Your little swimmer can practice swim skills at home! Don’t have a pool? No problem! Even if you don’t have a community pool nearby, or if the weather is bad (if it’s too cold, rainy or even snowing), some of the key fundamental parts of swimming can still be practiced. For a golden experience, make a fun non-pool swim practice time and you can both be silly while learning!

Windmill Arms

Having a strong stroke is important in making effective forward movements in the water. While standing up, practice making windmill motions: Starting with the right arm, have your little swimmer swing it straight back, then straight up pressed up against his or her ear, then extended straight out in front to pull it down back to the starting position. Then repeat on the left side. (Moms and dads, this can even be a great exercise for you!)

For our Junior 3’s and above, this is a key step that will come in handy. Be sure to stress keeping those arms straight and close to the head. While you’re at it, make sure those fingers are together and ready to “cup” the water. Then, when it’s time to hit the water, your goldfish will already be making great strides in seeing some extraordinary results!

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