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Five Memoirs That All Swimmers Should Read

Babashoff’s book is a story of resilience, grit and will power. It is an exceptional book that every swimmer should read.

We all can agree that swimming is the best sport in the world. We also know that many athletes enjoy reading as a way to enrich their minds and draw inspiration. What better way to engage with your favorite sport while motivating yourself to achieve your goals than by reading books about swimming, written by swimmers?

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics quickly approaching, here are five memoirs from Olympic champions that all swimmers should read!

1. Making Waves: My Journey to Winning Olympic Gold and Defeating the East German Doping Program, by Chris Epting and Shirley Babashoff

At the 1976 Montreal Olympics – the height of the East German doping scandal – Shirley Babashoff won five medals: four silver and one gold. In her memoir, she talks about her suspicions about the East German women who had deep voices, seemed masculine and barely looked tired after swimming their races. 

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