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The 2018 USA Swimming Club Excellence Results


We want to say congratulations to all the clubs, swimmers, coaches and administrators who were awarded this honor.

USA Swimming's Club Excellence program recognizes USA Swimming organizations with high-performing athletes 18 years and younger. Then based on points, they rank these teams and categorize them into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. For the fourth year running, Nation's Capital takes top honors.

Here are a few of the standards that qualify clubs for these honors:

  1. Gold: The top 20 point-scoring clubs. At least one 18 & Under athlete from the club must achieve a Gold time standard.

  2. Silver: Clubs not achieving Gold status through No. 100. At least one 18 & Under athlete must achieve the Silver time standard.

  3. Bronze: Clubs ranked No. 101 through No. 200 and/or not achieving Gold or Silver status. At least one 18 & Under athlete must achieve the Bronze time standard.

At TeamUnify, we are proud to share that we provide team management technology to 100 percent of the Gold Medal Clubs, 96 percent of the Silver Medal Clubs, and 94 percent of Bronze Medal Clubs. It's amazing being able to work hand-in-hand with clubs like these every day. If you are interested in learning more about our swim team management platform, visit our homepage. We would love the chance to work with you too! 

We want to say congratulations to all the clubs, swimmers, coaches and administrators who were awarded this honor.

2018 USA Swimming Club Excellence Results from the USA Swimming website:


Nation's Capital Swim Club (PV) 91,597
SwimMAC Carolina (NC) 59,673
Carmel Swim Club (IN) 40,745
Sandpipers of Nevada (CA) 36,808
Marlins of Raleigh (NC) 35,932
Irvine Novaquatics (CA) 31,749
Long Island Aquatic Club (MR) 31,621
Mason Manta Rays (OH) 30,256
SwimAtlanta (GA) 29,705
Scottsdale Aquatic Club (AZ) 28,035
Nitro Swimming (ST) 28,008
Magnolia Aquatic Club (GU) 27,181
Mission Viejo Nadadores (CA) 26,951
Virginia Gators (VA) 26,507
Club Wolverine (MI) 26,317
Fort Collins Area Swim Team (CO) 25,325
Sarasota Y Sharks (FL) 25,292
Austin Swim Club (ST) 25,201
Lakeside Aquatic Club (NT) 25,172
Pleasanton Seahawks (PC) 24,561


Dynamo Swim Club (GA) 30,938
La Mirada Armada (CA) 23,816
KING Aquatic Club (PN) 23,737
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PC) 23,635
Northern Kentucky Clippers (OH) 22,485
Academy Bullets Swim Club (IL) 21,567
Bolles School Sharks (FL) 21,392
Nashville Aquatic Club (SE) 20,872
Lakeside Swim Team (KY) 20,799
NOVA of Virginia Aquatics (VA) 19,558
Dayton Raiders Swim Club (OH) 19,443
North Texas Nadadores (NT) 18,656
Aquazot Swim Club (CA) 18,449
Gator Swim Club (FL) 17,195
BREA Aquatics (CA) 16,679
Texas Ford Aquatics (NT) 15,985
Delaware Swim Team (MA) 15,880
Metroplex Aquatics (NT) 15,653
Davis Aquadarts Racing Team (SN) 15,644
Aquajets Swim Team (MN) 14,909
Alamo Area Aquatic Association (ST) 14,794
Tualatin HIlls Swim Club (OR) 14,532
Sierra Marlins Swim Team (SN) 14,317
Crow Canyon Country Club Sharks (PC) 14,270
Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics (MI) 14,029
Waves Bloomington-Normal Y S.T. (IL) 14,025
Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club (CT) 13,818
Bluefish Swim Club (NE) 13,210
Razorback Aquatic Club (AR) 12,938
Clovis Swim Club (CC) 12,888
Edina Swim Club (MI) 12,357
Badger Swim Club (MR) 12,292
Ohio State Swim Club (OH) 11,797
Gulliver Swim Club (FG) 11,528
Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics (AZ) 11,433
Ridgefield Aquatic Club  (CT) 11,392
Suburban Seahawks Club (MA) 11,286
Tampa Bay Aquatics (FL) 11,279
Quest Swimming (VA) 11,076
Rose Bowl Aquatics (CA) 10,614
Cardinal Aquatics (KY) 10,574
New Trier Aquatics (IL) 10,393
Saint Petersburg Aquatics (FL) 10,385
Santa Clara Swim Club (PC) 10,300
York YMCA (MA) 10,013
Canyons Aquatic Club (CA) 9,925
Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (MR) 9,843
Upper Dublin Aquatic Club (MA) 9,790
Poseidon Swimming Inc (VA) 9,608
Tennessee Aquatics (SE) 9,550
TRITON Swimming (KY) 9,454
St Charles Swim Team (IL) 9,181
Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club (PV) 9,110
Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatics (MA) 9,038
Pine Crest Swim Team (FG) 8,815
Upper Arlington Swim Club (OH) 8,726
Katy Aquatics Team for Youth (GU) 8,723
Enfinity Aquatic Club (NC) 8,630
North Baltimore Aquatic Club (MD) 8,589
Team Greenville (SC) 8,348
Wilton Y Wahoos Swim Club (CT) 8,240
Buenaventura Swim Club (CA) 8,084
Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team (FL) 7,852
Pitchfork Aquatics (AZ) 7,789
Rockwall Aquatics Center of Excellence (NT) 7,750
Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club (AD) 7,662
Univ of Denver Hillltoppers (CO) 7,583
Cincinnati Marlins (OH) 7,566
Penn Charter Aquatic Club (MA) 7,542
Multnomah Athletic Club (OR) 7,531
Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team (GA) 7,366
Riptide Swim Team (MN) 7,320
T2 Aquatics (FL) 7,199
Lexington Dolphins (KY) 7,192
NASA Wildcat Aquatics (IL) 7,160
CSP Tideriders Swim Team (OZ) 7,060
Greenwich YWCA Dolphins Swim Team (CT) 7,058
Baylor Swim Club (SE) 7,056
Hillsboro Swim Team (OR) 7,045
Ozaukee Aquatics (WI) 6,963


TAC Titans (NC) 8,807
Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA (OH) 7,690
Condors Swim Club (MR) 6,911
Iowa Flyers Swim Club (IA) 6,908
Race Pace Club (MV) 6,888
Boise Y Swim Team (SR) 6,865
Beach Cities Swimming (CA) 6,779
Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks (MA) 6,754
Elmbrook Swim Club (WI) 6,724
Flatiron Athletic Club (CO) 6,724
Patriot Aquatics (IL) 6,564
Stingrays (GA) 6,425
Rancho San Deiguito (SI) 6,380
SOCAL Aquatics Assoc (CA) 6,336
Zionsville Swim Club (IN) 6,327
The FISH (PV) 6,267
TIDE Swimming (VA) 6,223
Rockwood Swim Club (OZ) 6,171
NYS Aquatics, Inc. (MR) 6,166
Metro Aquatic Club of Miami (FG) 6,132
Longhorn Aquatics (ST) 6,130
Highlands Ranch Aquatics (CO) 5,958
Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (VA) 5,834
Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club (GU) 5,796
Mansfield Aquatic Club (NT) 5,732
Snow Swim Team (PV) 5,730
Delta Aquatics (IL) 5,702
McFarland Spartan Sharks (WI) 5,695
Missoula Aquatic Club (MT) 5,662
Fort Wayne Swim Team (IN) 5,644
Wasatch Front Fish Market (UT) 5,507
Columbia Swim Club (MV) 5,485
Ames Cyclones Aquatics Club (IA) 5,450
Pacific Swim (SI) 5,389
Empire KC Swim Club (MV) 5,384
South Florida Aquatic Club (FG) 5,362
FAST Swim Team (CA) 5,360
North Bay Aquatics (PC) 5,320
Firestone Akron Swim Team (LE) 5,263
Naval Academy Aquatic Club (MD) 5,248
Highlander Aquatic Club (FL) 5,245
Hickory Foundation YMCA Seahorse S.T. (NC) 5,232
The Woodlands Swim Team (GU) 5,211
Colorado Springs Swim Team (CO) 5,139
North Palm Beach Swim Club (FG) 5,124
Kamehameha Swim Club (HI) 5,078
Greater Nebraska Swim Team (MW) 5,055
Central Bucks Swim Team (MA) 5,035
Central Iowa Aquatics (IA) 5,032
Crown Point Swim Club (IN) 4,995
Chattahoochee Gold Swim Club (GA) 4,963
Phoenix Swim Club (AZ) 4,949
Jersey Wahoos Swim Club (MA) 4,946
Fox Valley Swim Team (IL) 4,897
Jeffco Hurricanes (CO) 4,867
Upper Main Line YMCA (MA) 4,855
Pikes Peak Athletics (CO) 4,815
West Coast Aquatics (PN) 4,667
Hudson Explorers Aquatic Team (LE) 4,621
Wave Aquatics (PN) 4,459
757SWIM (VA) 4,394
Somerset Valley YMCA (NJ) 4,371
Badger Aquatics Club (WI) 4,367
Three Village Swim Club (MR) 4,356
Berkeley Aquatic Club (NJ) 4,336
PEAK Swimming (PC) 4,317
Greater Tampa Swim Association (FL) 4,310
Hopkins Mariner Swim Team (CT) 4,286
Corvallis Aquatic Team (OR) 4,259
Mount Hood Aquatics (OR) 4,238
AquaKids SHARKS Swim Team (FG) 4,221
Champaign County YMCA HEAT (IL) 4,190
Fishers Area Swimming Tigers (IN) 4,133
Reno Aquatic Club (PC) 4,076
Huntsville Swim Association (SE) 4,073
Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club (IL) 4,058
ACES Swim Club (CO) 4,053
Crimson Tide Aquatics (SE) 4,017
Swim Florida (FL) 3,863
Pleasantville Aquatics (MA) 3,856
Kansas City Blazers (MV) 3,640
Northridge Area Swimming Association (IN) 3,622
South Carolina Swim Club (SC) 3,601
St Croix Swim Club (MN) 3,597
North Coast Aquatics (SI) 3,549
Lane Four Aquatics (IA) 3,533
American Energy Swim Club (OK) 3,529
Westport Weston Family Y Water Rat S.T. (CT) 3,528
Peddie Aquatics Association (NJ) 3,517
Truckee Tahoe Swim Team (SN) 3,511
Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club (CT) 3,510
Shawmut Aquatic Club (SAC) 3,510
Marietta Marlins (GA) 3,506
Wichita Swim Club (MV) 3,500
Lake Oswego Swim Club (OR) 3,450
City of Mobile Swim Association (SE) 3,444
Penguin Aquatics (PN) 3,421
YMCA of Western North Carolina Piranhas (NC) 3,408
Makos Aquatics Club of Gainesville (FL) 3,378
Lancaster Aquatic Club (MA) 3,363

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