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10 Dry Land Exercises for Swimmers You Can Do at Home



To improve as a swimmer, water-based workouts and honing techniques are essential. But doing the right dry land exercises for swimmers is also crucial. They ensure that your fitness routine is well rounded. But they also help build muscle, agility, and stamina right where you need it most for endurance and the fastest swim times. They can reduce your risk of swim-related discomfort and injuries, too.

Below are some highly effective land exercises for building up your swimmer’s body. And the best part is, all but one require no equipment (and the other is just a jump rope), so you can easily do these all at home, without a gym membership or equipped at-home fitness room. Incorporate them regularly into your dry workouts.

Land Training to Improve Your Swimming

Flutter kicks: Lie down flat on your back and place your arms along your sides, hands under your butt. Elevate your legs about 2 to 3 inches, keep them straight, point your toes away from your head, and kick your legs up and down in small motions, not letting them touch the floor. This works out your thigh and ab muscles, while also mimicking leg movements used in backstroke and freestyle.

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