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A Stay At Home Journey

I have seen several jokes about the ups and downs of having a “quarenTWEEN” – and I can relate. Having usually active 11 and 13-year old’s that are now doing remote learning, often begrudgingly, while also managing my own full-time work from home has presented a fair share of emotions and drama – from all of us. However, we have also done our best to find moments of gratitude, try to make the most of it, and come up with a loose “quaranROUTINE” that includes drinking more water and getting outside together to move our bodies in some way every day. We are trying to take this “opportunity” of togetherness and no official schedule to work on things that we did not have or find the time for previously.

My younger, the dog, and I have been running a mile a day. It was exciting to see his progress as I encouraged him the first couple of times, we got out there. Now he is the one asking me, “when are we going to run today, Mom?”  After we finish, the three of us join the older, who is at the local park, working on breaking some not-so-positive soccer habits he has developed over time. I have observed him improving areas of his skill game that he had not focused on for years. He uses video on the phone to record himself and see what self-adjustments he can make. Locked ankles. Correct technique. Weak foot. Repeat. Perfect practice makes perfect, as his wise grandfather often reminds him. Coaches are also connecting with the kids.  In our current circumstance in the world, coaches need to keep their players engaged to be ready for when our season can eventually start.

They like to use Apps to communicate with the players.  They put their themed session on the MOTI App so the players can practice and know what they will need for the setup.  Then the coaches notify them through our team’s Sports Engine platform and give the players 3-4 days to work out the theme.

Once my son completes the challenge, he sends the video to the coach.  The coach gives him feedback on areas to work on before the next session.  I have also noticed that his coach builds him up on what he really excelled in.  It is fun, challenging, and encouraging all in a safe environment.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this separation from the coaches is making sure that my sons are truly practicing the skills perfectly.  There again is where the MOTI App comes into play.  With 3D Motion Capture technology and expert coaching points, the App brings the soccer skills to life.  I would encourage you to try the App and the Foundational set of skills for free.  Simply download the App by searching for the MOTI Mobile App in either iTunes or Google Play. We will try to carry over some of our new daily practices when that time comes to emerge from this stay at home period.  My hope is that you have been able to find what works best for your family and circumstances.

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