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Sprint Workouts for Beginners

Targeted sprint workouts have the capacity to quickly increase both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness level.

Sprinting workouts develop muscle tone and short-term endurance by improving your muscles’ ability to burn glucose through your anaerobic pathways. Sprint workouts improve your lactic threshold, which will effectively allow you to go harder without having your muscles give out on you, according to Rice University. Sprint workouts can improve your performance at both sprinting and long distance running, though the best performance training closely mimics your actual race distance and speed. To avoid injury, warm up with a run and some running-specific dynamic stretches.


High-intensity intervals are done at an increased exertion level, usually seven or greater on a scale of one to 10. Short bursts of sprinting -- 80 to 100 percent of capacity -- are followed by recovery periods of equal or greater length, notes the American Council on Exercise.


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