Watch the Touching Act of Sportsmanship from Youth Soccer Team Consoling Tearful Opponents

Showing a touching display of sportsmanship after beating the Japanese club Omiya Ardija in a 12-and-under tournament this past weekend, Barcelona's Infantil B youth team went out of its way to console their tearful opponents.

The Barcelona squad was celebrating a 1-0 win in the championship of a tournament in Tokyo when they noticed the distraught Japanese players upset they had lost in front of their home crowd.

Instead of the usual desultory postgame handshake line, the Barcelona boys offered hugs and words of encouragement to their Japanese counterparts.

Plus, there was no shame in Omiya Ardija taking the loss. The Barcelona team is filled with world-class dynamos and future stars who would leave most adults twisted in knots with their video-game moves.

The kind act by the Infantil B players was the latest uplifting moment that needs to be seen more in youth sports.

Last week, a coach from a Little League team in Oregon made sure to tell his son how much he loved him while the boy was pitching in the crucible of the Little League World Series.

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