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Sports Families: Remember to Prioritize Family Time this Holiday Season

With the pandemic situation in full force across the country, those gatherings might be few and far between, if they happen at all. But regardless of your family plans over the holidays, it’s important to remember to keep them a priority. And that includes before youth sports.

This holiday season the number of games and tournaments will be limited or not happen at all depending on where you live. But what most likely will be offered are different opportunities to participate in sports-related activities.

The opportunities might include a private lesson, a small group training session or a single game or match. It might even be a team activity not related to sports at all. 

In our family, while we try to take advantage of sports-related opportunities during the downtime of the holiday season, we never let them be a priority over family time. 

The other 11 months and 51 weeks of the year, a variety of youth sports, by our choice, pretty much dominate our lives. But from the last day of school in December to the first one in January, we put our family time first. Some of our plans are annual events, special trips or vacations, and some come up completely out of the blue. But no matter what they are and who else is involved, they become the priority.

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