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Turn, Turn, Turn? Not Anymore

If your mechanics are bad and you’re not performing, there’s little risk in making changes. Nowhere to go but up and all of that.

It’s a pretty safe bet that “Turn, Turn, Turn” is the best-known songs by the 1960s folk-rock band The Byrds. It’s either that or “Mr. Tambourine Man,” but I personally think the former is the better song. After all, tough to beat having your lyrics written by folk legend Pete Seeger by way of The Bible. Even if you never listen to an oldies station you’ve no doubt heard it. It’s pretty much required in any movie about the '60s, or that references the '60s in some way. 

The key point of the song (and why I bring it up, other than my love of jangly '60s music) is it says there’s a “time for every purpose under heaven.” While that may be mostly true, in the softball world today it seems like there isn’t time for one thing – stepping back and making major corrections in mechanics without the pressure of an upcoming game.

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