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Tips For Understanding Coaching Generation Z


When it comes to coaching Generation Z, technology is the key to communication. 

The players of today, from Generation Z, have never known life without Siri, Alexa, Smartphones and Wi-Fi.  According to the American Psychological Association, Generation Z consists of anyone born after 2005, so essentially every athlete on the field in the 14U bracket. The Millennials (those born from 1997-2005) represent our collegiate, 18U and 16U athletes who introduced technology to the world through social media and the now famous “selfie.”  

According to Millennial and Generation Z expert Tim Elmore, there are six defining characteristics of Generation Z that we must first understand before we can talk about development. These characteristics are:

  1. They are Cynical

  2. They are Private

  3. They are Entrepreneurial

  4. They are Multi-tasking 

  5. They are Hyper Aware

  6. They are Technology Reliant

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