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Practice the Key to Reaching Your Destination Faster

Whether you’re in season or in the offseason, it’s in the player’s best interest to work regularly on learning whatever it is she’s trying to learn.

Sometimes getting a player to understand the value of practice can be difficult. Those who aren’t the most dedicated to fastpitch softball can find a hundred excuses not to practice.

So here’s a fun way of explaining how they will benefit. Whenever I start lessons with new students, toward the end I like to ask them if they know where New York City and Los Angeles are on a map.

Most the time they do – or at least say they do. I hear today’s students are a bit geography-challenged.

Anyway, once we’ve established they know where each is, I will ask them how many different ways there are to get from New York to LA. The student will then start naming off various modes of travel – plane, train, car, bicycle, jog, walk, etc. Some will even suggest a boat, which is possible but certainly not easy.

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