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Fastpitch Softball Bunting Strategy

If I can rattle the opposing pitcher just by showing bunt, it’s going to be a long day for that pitcher.

Bunting strategy

Besides hitting the ball to the fence, there is no greater offensive weapon than a robust bunting strategy. This is true of all age groups in fastpitch softball. A good "short game" will turn a poor or mediocre scoring team into a high powered offensive machine. I suspect most coaches grew up playing baseball where bunting wasn’t that important, but this isn’t baseball, it’s Fastpitch Softball.

If your lineup is like most, you have some strong power hitters, some weaker hitters, and some that couldn’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag. So let’s start with the obvious. If you have softball players that strike out as often as they put the ball in play, they need to learn to bunt and you need to have a bunting strategy. 

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