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The 'Dummkopf' Drill for Fastpitch Hitters

While that may be easy to say it can be tougher to execute. You want to hit the ball with the bat, and the bat is held in the hands, so for many hitters (especially young ones) it makes more sense to lead with the bat.

OK, before anyone gets their undies in a grundy, I’m not calling players names or saying this fastpitch hitting drill is only for stupid people.

It’s merely a device I’m using to make what could otherwise be boring a little more fun. The purpose of the drill is to teach hitters to lead with their hips, then release the hands.

All too often hitters will either start the swing with their hands, or will start with their hips but then let the hands take over too early. Ideally, you’ll want a sequence of hips-shoulders-bat/hands, where the hips start a powerful rotation, then you add on the shoulders, then you finally get the hands involved.

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