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Young Players Can Learn From Watching World Cup

When I started with youth soccer, I think there was an air of it being "elitist," for lack of a better word. I think it's come a long way to be more inclusive, which is more in line with the rest of the world.

TVs and phones across the Valley have been tuned to World Cup soccer this summer, and as we smash toward the end of this global sporting event, we wondered - what can the spectacle teach young players?

So we reached out to Mark Yurish, the rec and operations coordinator for SOCA-Augusta. Yurish has experience promoting and teaching the sport to rec players in the area, and sits at the center of our most popular and active youth soccer organization. What kind of things do you think it's good for kids to do in the summer if they want to continue to develop as creative, engaged players - whether they are recreation or travel players?

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