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What Is Resiliency and How Do We Help Our Kids Build It?

By becoming aware of what we are giving our attention to we can start to become attuned to whether it is healthy or unhealthy for us.

Resilience is the quality of recovering quickly from failure and setback and not only returning to whatever level you have already achieved but actually using the adversity as an opportunity to grow your inherent strength even further.

Think of resilience as the callus that forms on the skin AFTER repeated friction or pressure is placed upon it. In order for that toughness to grow harder and stronger it literally NEEDS to experience “distress.”

I see and read a lot of well-intentioned quotes regarding the virtue of sports and how participation brings about great mental fortitude in the athlete, as if participation alone is the key factor. While I am huge supporter of youth athletics, resilience is not built by simply participating.

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