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What Mothers Are For

And that’s when I began to believe that I could make this move work out. I thought, You can do this, Victor. Just believe in yourself, enjoy it and the rest will follow.

My mother likes to tell the story about the day I was born, because she says she knew from that moment that I would become a footballer. She was in a hospital with my father, and he was acting kind of strange. He looked distracted, which is weird, right? I mean, your son is about to be born. There aren’t many bigger things in life than that, really.

Of course, once I came into this world, he was overwhelmed with joy. But then he said, “OK, can we find a TV now?” My mother just rolled her eyes, because she knew what he meant. She was like, “Really? Really?” And my father said, “I know, I know, but they’re about to start taking the penalties.”

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