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Soccer Club Volunteers Drastically Reduce Their Workloads

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Names: Beth Jung and Karissa Pedersen-Wilson

Organization: Mt. Rainier Futbol Club

Positions: Beth Jung, director of marketing and website; Karissa Pedersen-Wilson, registrar

SportsEngine Tools Utilized: Registration, Sitebuilder, PowerPay

Beth Jung and Karissa Pedersen-Wilson are volunteer board members for Mt. Rainier Futbol Club, a non-profit youth soccer organization, that provides soccer programs at various levels to more than 1,200 athletes southeast of Seattle.

What they were up against

Over the past five years, Mt. Rainier Futbol Club has grown from just ten premier teams for youth athletes ages 8-18, to a whopping 40 premier teams and an additional recreational program that serves more than 700 additional athletes ages 4-18—all this growth put a strain on volunteer administrators, club processes, and their technology.

What SportsEngine did to help

SportsEngine drastically reduced the workload of admins with a streamlined registration tool, an easy-to-use website, and secure online payment processing.

What the impact was

“Before SportsEngine, I was spending at least 15 minutes per athlete each registration season building a profile—multiply that by our 550 premier athletes, and you get an idea of my workload as a volunteer registrar,” says Pedersen-Wilson. “That time has been dramatically reduced with SportsEngine.”

“SportsEngine’s registration tool is straightforward to use and saves me tons of time—all I have to do is submit a request, and it’s ready to go in just a couple days,” says Pedersen-Wilson. “In the past with our old provider, the process took a lot longer and was overly complicated—details often got messed up.”

“Another huge advantage for us is SportsEngine’s integration with US Club Soccer,” says Pedersen-Wilson. “I can go right into their database and grab anything I need for each athlete’s profile, like birth certificates, without needing to email back and forth with parents—SportsEngine has made my job so much faster and easier.”

While SportsEngine has simplified Karissa’s role as club registrar, Beth Jung, director of marketing and website has had a similar experience.

“The website SportsEngine made for our club is awesome, and it’s super easy to edit and populate,” says Jung.

“Plus, if I have any issues, I can contact SportsEngine support and get immediate assistance,” says Jung. “Their team is fantastic, and I can’t recommend them enough.”

SportsEngine has saved the volunteer staff at Mt. Rainier a lot of headaches, including Karissa’s husband, Morgan, who is the treasurer.

“In the past, we collected payments through cash, check, or online,” says Jung. “Parents would often forget to mail-in payments and our system didn’t alert us when an online payment failed.”

“When a payment would fail, or a check wouldn’t get mailed, Morgan would spend a ton of time trying to chase down those payments, and he wouldn’t always be successful,” says Jung.

“But now, with SportsEngine, we’re receiving 100% of our requested payments for the first time,” says Jung. “With the PowerPay tool, parents can quickly make payments online, and Morgan can track the status of every one of them.”

“As a non-profit, getting 100% of our requested payments is huge,” says Jung. “Without SportsEngine, I’m not sure that would be possible.”

 "SportsEngine has made my job so much faster and easier."


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