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Seven Ways for Parents to Inspire Their Youth Soccer Player

If you are having trouble getting your child to training on time because – well – life is busy. Talk with the coach to develop a solution.

When it comes to youth soccer, the term “parent engagement” needs some clarification. Understandably there is some confusion around this currently popular and trending term.

I’ve heard from parents saying they feel like they are receiving mixed messages: “Let your child lead the way” on one hand and, “Be more involved in their soccer journey” on the other. The confusion is understandable.

In one sense, level-headed parents see the value and importance of being “disengaged,” to ensure that their child’s path in soccer is, in fact, their child’s. Yet, simultaneously, the best clubs and coaches are working to establish positive relationships between coaches and parents by encouraging parents to be positively connected to their child’s experience from a young age, to learn more about the game and to find new ways to support them in soccer.

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