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The Secret to Fulfilling Our Potential as a Soccer Nation

As a young child, on no other place than the soccer fields did I feel content and comfortable with my athletic body and ferocious desire to compete

One of the slides I often use in presentations to soccer coaches, parents and club directors depicts the various issues/problems/inefficiencies with our youth soccer landscape.  We discuss the power struggle between coaches and parents, the stress parents feel, the lack of coaching education, the referee crisis, and the results all these issues have on player development, inspiration and participation numbers. One of the other discussion points from the slide is the idea: “Coaching is lonely.”

Coaching is lonely

I am often struck by the nods of heads I receive from coaches when I say out loud:  “Coaching is lonely.”  It’s as if they have never verbalized the idea before, but when I say it out loud the affirmation of this idea resonating with them is demonstrated with a reflex nod of the head.

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