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My Son Is Playing Wide but Doesn’t Get the Ball Very Often

Keep moving off of the ball but into a space that connects you with the passer and allows you to move the ball to where you want to go.

Parent Question

"The season is just starting and my 13 year old son has a new coach and is playing in a new position. In the past, he has played defender. This coach has him playing on the outside in the midfield. My question is about what my son should be doing. The coach keeps telling him (yelling at him in the game) to run forward in the attack but his teammates are not passing it to him. He makes these long and hard runs that get him worn out and doesn’t get the ball. I told him to go closer in to middle so he gets the ball, but he said his coach wants him to stay wide. Can you explain this to me?"


I think something to remember is that the game is about interactions, relationships and sequence. If you’re making the “right” run but it’s not in response to queues from the player in possession or giving the right queues to the passer. There is no connection it’s probably not the “right” run.

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