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How to Take a Penalty Kick


Aim for inside of the post but not too close to the post to give you some room to be a bit off target wide and still have the ball go in the side netting.

Penalty Kick! Today we are learning how to take a penalty kick or also known as a PK. 

There are plenty of techniques and styles to take a penalty. I will give you my personal style for taking a PK. 

Key Points:

1. Place the ball with your hands on a good piece of grass 12 yards away from goal. Don't set it up using your foot. Make sure it's perfect by using your hands. 

2. Stand five to six steps behind the ball, slightly to the left of the ball if you are right footed. 

3. Let the keeper see you look at both posts. Then don't look at the keeper again. Some keepers will try to get in your head. Don't let them by ignoring them.

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