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Fueling Our Youth Athletes

There are a lot of demands placed on our children athletically and nutrition is a way we can really help.

We had record registration and attendance at our monthly webinar earlier today with expert guest, Abby Forman – Registered Dietitian, providing us with great insights on youth sports nutrition and how we can help our young soccer players best fuel themselves. The complete webinar can be found at the Parent Education website:

I knew I wanted to have Abby as a webinar guest when I watched her captivate the attention of over sixty 10-15 year old girls last month at the Girls Soccer Empowerment Day in Richmond, VA sponsored by Onyx Elite and Bon Secours Sports Performance. It was clear to me that she has an extraordinary grasp of the youth athlete combined with a grasp of the challenges we face as parents when it comes to helping our children make the best nutrition choices.

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