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Director of Coaching Reduces Workload With Smart Registration Tools

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Mauricio Menjivar is a passionate soccer strategist that is always up for a new challenge. After directing a large state program, Menjivar found his next challenge as a trainer for Murray Soccer Club, with a promotion to director of coaching just two years later.

As director of coaching, Menjivar’s main focuses are designing new training classes, hosting weekly club practices, analyzing games, organizing clinics, and providing feedback to coaches and players. Menjivar is also heavily involved with running the club as a whole, including updating the website and planning athlete registration.

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 "Everything is centralized on SportsEngine. The tools are easy to learn and use, plus the support I receive is amazing — I highly recommend them."

Name: Mauricio Menjivar

Organization: Murray Soccer Club

Position: Director of Coaching

SportsEngine Tools Utilized: Registration, Sitebuilder

What he was up against

Murray Soccer Club is a member of the passionate and proud city of Murray, Utah. Nearly 600 boys and girls, ages 7 to 19, keep Menjivar and his staff of coaches busy with multiple teams, academies, and seminars.

While Menjivar’s passion is concepting new training, he quickly found that a lot of his time was consumed updating the club’s website and organizing registrations. These extra tasks distracted him from implementing new programs and interacting with his coaching staff and players.

What SportsEngine did to help

Menjivar and Murray Soccer Club chose SportsEngine to create an easy-to-edit custom website and to host online registration for training programs, tournaments and teams.

What the impact was

Murray Soccer Club staff members found all the tools they needed to run their club, all in one place with SportsEngine.

“It was amazing that you could do everything on one website,” says Menjivar. “I was using SportsEngine for my own training programs and realized that the entire club should be on the platform.”

“The system we used prior to SportsEngine was not user-friendly and the support was horrible,” says Menjivar. “Every change had to go through an IT department, and could take days to implement. It actually held us back from hosting new programs.”

“As the director of coaching, I really have a lot on my plate, and I don’t have a dedicated support staff there for me.” says Menjivar. “SportsEngine has made it easier for me to do my job because everything is centralized. I can update the website, communicate with members, announce schedule changes, and build registrations — all on one website.”

“We host a new registration every two to three months, and SportsEngine makes it easy,” says Menjivar. “Either we fill out the online form and have it created for us, or we copy an old registration and just update it. The whole process is very convenient.”

“Before SportsEngine, I had so much registration paperwork to file that it took away from my time to communicate with my coaches and players, as well as less time to create training programs,” says Menjivar. “Now, with SportsEngine, I’m saving time with administrative tasks and am able to have more time to get creative with training programs and doing what I love.”

“Everything is centralized on SportsEngine,” says Menjivar. “The tools are easy to learn and use, plus the support I receive is amazing — I highly recommend them.”


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