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Courageous Parenting

For most, it's because they love playing. So I think our first priority is regardless of pathway, it's got to stay fun

When I looked at other parenting coaches, everyone all kind of had that perfect family picture, and look at me, I'm a parenting coach and my life's sorted. And I just couldn't with any authenticity put my name to that kind of brand. 

I'm a dad, life is messy, I sometimes shout at my kids and I wish I didn't. I'm sometimes more tired than I should be to have proper engagement with them. I think I've got good rhythms and good stuff. I think I am at times a great dad as well, but I'm certainly not a perfect dad. And I think one thing that could really help us parents, is if we could just free ourselves of that myth of parental perfection. Particularly in the sport's journey. 


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