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Smart Snacking for Back-to-School

Healthy lunch

Shutterstock: Pinkyone

Here at the LA Galaxy, our Academy student-athletes have quite the busy schedule. We do our best to fuel them throughout the day with lunch (cooked by our club chef!) and nutritious snacks.

Each day these high-schoolers train in the morning and head straight to our on-site classroom for an afternoon full of learning. A few days out of the week are dedicated to gym sessions in the evening after classes. As you can imagine, these are long days that can be physically and mentally draining.

Thankfully nutrition can help with academic performance, as well as the athletic performance mentioned in our previous blog post.

Kids need healthy snacks between meals in order to maximize attention spans, focus, energy, mood and even memory capability. It is important to show kids that snacks are “mini-meals” and should not simply fill a craving. 

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