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Safety First When it Comes to Spectator and Facility Guidelines

All across the country, youth sports are beginning to or have already, returned to action. Ball parks, recreational facilities, and other sporting venues will soon start to see an influx of athletes, coaches, and spectators. Many sports will experience changes from years past in regards to the game itself. However, there will be proposed guidelines in regards to spectators and the facilities themselves.

Below are a few suggestions in regards to protocols and safety measures that should be taken from sources like The Aspen Institute, Babe Ruth League Baseball,  Wisconsin Sports Services, and more. Be sure to also contact your coaches, league administrators, and/or public health officials for any added guidelines or rules to follow.

Proposed Spectator Guidelines

  • Spectators experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home to avoid the possible infection/transference. This may mean pulling your athlete from the game as well.

  • Parents and other spectators should use the outfield fence area as their place of viewing. This allows for social distancing and also for parents and fans to avoid sharing the bleacher area.

  • Spectators should avoid the dugout/backstop area. This helps reduce the interactions between coaches, athletes, and parents.

  • Continue using social distancing by remaining 6 feet apart from others.

  • Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to limit the number of family members attending the sporting event.

  • In conjunction, only immediate families/household of the players will be allowed to spectate the games.

  • Spectators should adhere to the personal hygiene recommendations of washing your hands, covering coughs, etc.

Proposed Facility Guidelines

  • If possible, facilities should allow one entrance for all players, coaches, and officials. A second, different option should be used for the exit to avoid replicating the path of travel.

  • Limit the number of volunteers around the facility. This will reduce interaction of out-of-household members.

  • Concession stands should adhere to many of the CDC recommendations for bar and restaurant re-openings.

  • Expand and stagger the time between games, allowing for the least amount of traffic in and around the facility.

    • This allows for teams that just played to exit the facility before those coming in, limiting the interactions.

  • Have extra cleaning and hygiene products on site in case there is a shortage.

Each league, tournament, and location will be different, so make sure to contact the coach, league administrator, or public health official to answer any other questions.