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The Responsibilities of the Runner

With the arrival of spring, you can be sure that the birds will be flying northward and the runners will be out from their hibernation. Most runners take a break during the cold months, so it seems like this is a good time to review some best practices when it comes to the process itself. Whether training for a marathon, a 5k or just good old fashioned personal health, running advice can be a great way to optimize a workout and prevent injury.

While just about all advice should be taken with a grain of salt, an open approach to running tips can be quite beneficial. For example, a runner should be sure to monitor his or her breathing pattern. Huffing and puffing too quickly or not breathing enough can quickly lead to cramps. Also, slamming your feet too hard on pavement can result in shin splints. It’s important to have a nice, fluid motion.

Coaches of youth cross country and track teams should use team websites to list tips and best practices when it comes to this worthwhile sport.

Picking the right shoes

Molly Huddle, an Olympian and the winner of the 2015 New York City Half Marathon, recently spoke with GQ about the value of proper running shoes. She said that after many years of running, she likes some extra room in her footwear. Huddle prefers a well-cushioned shoe with a lower heel-toe offset and an arch lock, providing versatility for sprints or distance runs.

“I haven’t had my usual battles with plantar fasciitis since trying a wider shoe size and going up half a size,” Huddle told the news outlet. “It’s also important that the shoe cradles your mid-foot comfortably. Be careful testing out any extreme model of shoe. If it is much more minimal and lighter than what you are used to, don’t dive into a long run with it right out of the box.”

Running with proper form

According to the Lansing State Journal, more running increases fatigue and the odds of an injury. However, with proper form and a clear understanding of your personal limits, runners can avoid injury and get a great workout.

“Looking back, I wish I knew how important form was in preventing injuries,” Grant Robinson, a 2004 Olympian and 10-time All American, told the news outlet. “I know now, with proper form, I can run healthy for the rest of my life.”

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