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10 Amazing Facts About Rugby

Rugby, without doubt, is one of the world's greatest sports.

Rugby, without doubt is one of the world's greatest sports. Played by tough tackling men and watched by millions... Many of who still don't know the rules (and yes, we'd include some World Cup referees in that), in fact many fans might not know all they should. To build up your own personal rugby fact file here's a few weird and wonderful facts about 'chasing the egg'.

1. The mysterious origins of the oval ball...

While modern balls are made of high tech materials and often spend months in design, the first ever balls were made by a rather creative man called Richard Lindon out of pig's bladders covered in leather panels.

2. ...and the tragedy of it

However the hand pump and valve had yet to be invented Lindon's own wife had to blow up the balls by mouth. Tell that story to the next lady you hear moaning about washing the team kit. Then run you crazy fool!

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