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Personal Trainer and Mother Starts Streaming Workout Videos With Kids During COVID-19

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Figure of Fit/Facebook

Personal trainer and fitness specialist Esther Hourigan's world was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ireland.

"I was busy, to say the least, but it all came to a halt when I decided to close my studio doors on the 14th of March," Hourigan told Sinclair Broadcast Group. "The risk I was putting my clients in was too high."

Shortly after, schools were closed and Hourigan found herself home with her three boys. That's when Hourigan had the idea of putting her two loves together and started posting videos of workout routines that parents could do with their children at home. The first video was posted on Hourigan's fitness Facebook page "Figure of Fit" March 24. Hourigan dubbed them "room" workouts!

"I decided to put my two loves together instead, the kids and my work, and decided to start coming up with lighthearted little routines with some subtle serious fitness moves, etc within the videos," Hourigan said. "I hoped it would also help any parents in my situation with kids home all the time. Or maybe just amuse people."

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