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OnDeck Saves The Meet

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Meet Day is a hectic time, for sure: bewildered volunteers scrambling to keep up with the lines, 8 & Unders chasing each other across the deck, not to mention that thunderstorm looming in the distance. Let TeamUnify's OnDeck bring order to the chaos that is Meet Day.

Your volunteer coordinator will have a commanding view of jobs and volunteers at their fingertips and will rise to the challenge of no-show volunteers by sending a quick SMS blast asking for help at the snack bar. Your webmaster will love the ability to post a timely news item from the meet, complete with hi-res images and perhaps even a quick wrap-up interview with Coach (recorded as a Voice Note).

What about the poor kid who forgot his swim cap? Of course, you always pack a few extras but remembering to record the five soggy singles you were handed as payment can be ...a challenge. As a Superuser, you have the ability to record the charge and payment directly to the family’s account. You can even skip the damp cash and charge the family’s credit card on file (if your team takes advantage of TeamUnify’s electronic processing features)!

Let TeamUnify's revolutionary mobile applications empower your coaches and parents to know FAR more. 


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