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Turn Your Home Into Summer Camp With Fun and Interactive Projects

With many summer camps shut down for 2020, parents are making the shift from school teacher to camp director. To make the transition easier, Hoda and Jenna talked with three guests to learn how to pull off a fun, interactive and educational camp from your living room or backyard.

Jeremy Strom, co-founder and fitness director at Hoplite Club, shared some fun games for kids who want to play outside. For fun indoors, lifestyle expert and blogger Jenn Falik discovered some arts and crafts for kids that are perfect for any age and any skill level.

And if mom and dad have to work, there are engaging options that require minimal effort. TODAY Social Contributor Donna Farizan shared an inside look at some of the fun virtual summer camps for the aspiring photographer, chef, soccer player and more.

Make the most of this summer by bringing the joy of camp straight to your own home with these fun crafts for kids and activities.

Wind Spinners

If your kids love hands-on projects, you can set them up with a few simple and unique crafts. Falik explains that you can find most of the supplies in your home, in nature or online.

She thinks these wind spinners are a great choice for a fun camp activity. It gives you a chance to up-cycle those old CDs you have lying around the house. It also allows the kids to create some vibrant outdoor decor for your home.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Getting the kids outside and off the couch can be difficult — but a fun backyard game can change that. Strom shared a few fun games that will help them keep up with their physical fitness and get them outdoors.

Bracelet Making Kits

Falik's DIY bracelet bar is filled with plastic beads, stretchy cord and fabric string. This fun craft allows your child to express their creativity to the fullest.

Painted Rock Kits

Rock painting is a classic summer camp activity that's simple, affordable and fun for kids of any age. Falik likes to take her girls on a nature walk to find the rocks, a task that might be more fun than the painting itself!

Virtual Camp

Does your child want to learn a new skill or try a unique project? You can sign them up for a virtual camp that can teach them something they'll remember far beyond the summer. Check out NBC Sports Camp, a FREE virtual camp for 7-12 year-olds.


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