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Shiverers Swimming Club Trades Clunky Tasks for TeamUnify

Shiverers Swimming Club has been an area leader in competitive swimming since 1920. As a pillar in their community, their goal is not only to provide for swimmers looking to compete at the highest levels—but also for those simply looking for a form of fitness or friendship. The club caters to all age and abilities, hoping to share the life-long benefits of swimming.

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Name: Erica Eastbury
Organization: Shiverers Swimming Club
Position: Secretary

What the club up against

Shiverers Swimming Club, like many similar clubs, was caught in the past. They relied on cobbled together spreadsheets and manually entered all their data. Their billing system was always a step behind, leaving a lag in payments. And member communication was cumbersome—either requiring messaging everyone at the club, or manually entering all the email addresses. “All of our administrative tasks were clunky and time-consuming,” says secretary, Erica Eastbury. 

What TeamUnify did to help

“The switch to TeamUnify has made life so much easier,” notes Eastbury. Asked what had the biggest impact, and Eastbury is quick to point out the billing feature. “With all crucial member details in one area, we’re now able to invoice our swimmers up front,” she says. “That eliminates the lag in payments we had before.” 

The club also improved its website’s functionality through TeamUnify, as well. “Now we can update club information and easily push that info to the right people,” notes Eastbury.

This functionality was integral when Shiverers SC needed to keep their swimmers engaged and interested in swimming when everyone was in lockdown. The easy communication functionality in TeamUnify has also made managing limited pool time significantly easier to juggle and has optimised utilisation.

What the impact was

TeamUnify has given Shiverers SC a significantly improved billing and payment system that can carry them into the future. And, with more organised membership information and an improved website presence, they are better able to promote the club and attract crucial new members.

“I would recommend TeamUnify to anybody,” Eastbury notes, enthusiastically. “It makes life so much easier for everyone involved.”



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